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Who We Are

DMsqd is a consulting company that provides expert advice to local authorities and contractors on infrastructure procurement and management in a number of sectors, including highways, property management and “Streetscene” and public realm projects.

Our expert team offers a bespoke and end-to-end solution-oriented service, from working with government departments on strategic reviews to undertaking contract performance appraisals with private contractors. We possess an unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise that allows us to supply you with the exact assistance your department or company requires.






Our Clients


For first-class procurement specialists and consulting, call DMsqd and find out more about our services and how we can help with your project.



Reasons To Work With DMsqd


Strategic Review, Infrastructure Services Procurement And Commercial Management in UK



On every development, there are a number of stakeholders who all have competing demands. The success of the project rests on these parties working in unison effectively. With DMsqd, you can have total confidence in our ability to work constructively towards the successful completion of your project.




Working with local authorities in the outsourcing of services and contracts requires strictly observed impartiality and transparency. Following years of providing an end-to-end service for multiple public bodies, we understand just how important it is to uphold total objectivity at all times.




If you are looking for  property and facilities management, or highway procurement specialists and consulting, rest assured that our sole intention is to provide a solution that suits your best interest. The successful completion of your project hinges on effective cooperation.



DMsqd has many years combined experience in acting as highway consultants for public bodies and private contractors, overseeing the entire lifecycle of large-scale infrastructure programmes. Get in touch for further information.