DMsqd works closely with you to ensure your supply chain is as efficient as possible and guarantee that all elements of the infrastructure procurement process are handled properly. Our team has many years of experience in market analysis and model selection. We work with both end-user clients like government departments and contractors on a wide range of important issues. This could include:

1. Procurement and Contracting Strategies

Supporting the development of strategies that supply appropriate risk allocation and incentivisation to all project participants in a way that delivers the best possible outcomes.

2. Preparation of Tender Documents

Our background enables our consultants to assist with the drafting of tender documents, such as conditions of contract (with particular experience in the NEC and FIDIC suite of contracts), specifications, and pricing documents.

3. Supporting the Procurement Process

DMsqd assists with development of selection and tender evaluation criteria, as well as preparation of SQ and ITT/RFP documents. We also provide help for managing the procurement process using EU compliant procedures, including the Open, Restricted, Competitive with Negotiation and Competitive Dialogue procedures.

4. Tender Evaluation and Contract Award

We support clients in the evaluation of tenders, final contract negotiations and awards.

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DMsqd combines expertise from different aspects of the infrastructure procurement and management sector, along with an extensive knowledge of not just engineering and operations but also finance and law. We can therefore bring a wealth of contractual, and technical experience to your project.


If you are overseeing an infrastructure programme and require procurement specialists and consultancy, get in touch with DMsqd.