Dave Merrick


Dave has been involved in highways maintenance and construction activities for almost 40 years. His vast experience is grounded in owning and operating his own civils business through to the role of Managing Director at one of the UK’s largest contractors.

While Dave has direct experience of operating at board level in an international business, he prides himself on his ability to relate to and work with tier 2 and 3 contractors, who are responsible for the majority of work delivered on the strategic and local road network. He has personally helped many tier 2 and 3 contractors ‘keep pace’ with projects by mentoring and coaching their senior teams to ensure the way they operate remains aligned with client objectives.

Dave has spent time living and working in Australia at the Managing Director level, holding a board position on a JV that represented the largest provider of highway services in the whole of Australia, with main operations on both the east and west coast.

In recent years, Dave has had a lead role in a multimillion turnover business for functions and services, covering bid development, Smart Motorway delivery, Major Projects Delivery, local authority maintenance contracts, and highways maintenance responsibilities. This incorporated approximately a third of the strategic road network.


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Our team has worked closely with councils in the UK to oversee the implementation of a range of highway and transportation services, along with playing a key role in larger infrastructure projects in the Middle East, covering a range of areas including options appraisals, infrastructure procurement strategy, and contract awards.


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